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The EAWAG-BBD contains two different representations of the chemical periodic table of the elements (Traditional and Spiral). Each links to web pages for elements that are transformed by, bound by, or are otherwise important in, biological systems. The elements pages contain links to resources outside of the EAWAG-BBD server. Links to WebElements and PubMed are standard. Below is a list of element pages and their non-standard external links.

Element Symbol Link in page Link to external website
Aluminum Al
Silver Ag Ag+-exporting ATPase
Americium Am
Arsenic As ToxFAQs: Arsenic
Geomicrobiology J. 2002;19:53-66.
Astatine At
Gold Au  
Boron B
Barium Ba ToxFAQs: Barium
Beryllium Be ToxFAQs: Beryllium
Bismuth Bi
Bromine Br
Carbon C Carbon Cycle
Calcium Ca
Cadmium Cd ToxFAQs: Cadmium
National Priorities List
Cerium Ce
Chlorine Cl
Curium Cm
Cobalt Co ToxFAQs: Cobalt
Chromium Cr ToxFAQs: Chromium
Cesium Cs ToxFAQs: Cesium
Copper Cu ToxFAQs: Copper
Dysprosium Dy
Erbium Er
Europium Eu
Fluorine F European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee
ToxFAQs: Fluoride, Hydrogen Fluoride, and Fluorine
Iron Fe
Gallium Ga
Gadolinium Gd
Germanium Ge
Hydrogen H
Hafnium Hf
Mercury Hg global cycling
ToxFAQs: Mercury
Holmium Ho
Iodine I
Indium In
Iridium Ir
Potassium K
Lanthanum La
Lithium Li
Lutetium Lu
Magnesium Mg
Manganese Mn International Manganese Institute
ToxFAQs: Manganese
Molybdenum Mo molybdenum
Database of Molybdenum in Human Health and the Environment
Nitrogen N nitrogen cycle
The Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Fixation
Sodium Na
Niobium Nb
Neodymium Nd
Nickel Ni Nickel
ToxFAQs: Nickel
Neptunium Np
Oxygen O
Osmium Os
Phosphorus P Phosphorus Cycle
Protactinium Pa
Lead Pb ToxFAQs: Lead
Palladium Pd
Promethium Pm
Polonium Po
Praseodymium Pr
Platinum Pt
Plutonium Pu ToxFAQs: Plutonium
Radium Ra ToxFAQs: Radium
Rubidium Rb
Rhenium Re
Rhodium Rh
Ruthenium Ru
Sulfur S sulfur cycle
Antimony Sb ToxFAQs: Antimony
Scandium Sc
Selenium Se ToxFAQs: Selenium
Silicon Si silicate shells
Samarium Sm
Tin Sn ToxFAQs: Tin
Organotin compounds
Triphenyltin Compounds
Strontium Sr ToxFAQs: Strontium
Terbium Tb
Tantalum Ta
Technetium Tc
Tellurium Te
Thorium Th ToxFAQs: Thorium
Titanium Ti
Thallium Tl ToxFAQs: Thallium
Thallium Isotopes
Uranium U ToxFAQs: Uranium
Vanadium V ToxFAQ: Vanadium
Vanadium Project at University of Michigan
Tungsten W Tungsten in Pyrococcus furiosus
Yttrium Y
Ytterbium Yb
Zinc Zn ToxFAQs: Zinc
Zirconium Zr

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