Microbial biocatalytic reactions and biodegradation pathways.

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  • Search the EAWAG-BBD for compound, enzyme, microorganism, pathway, or BT rule name; chemical formula; chemical structure; CAS Registry Number; or EC code.

  • Pathways and Metapathways in the EAWAG-BBD

  • Lists of 219 pathways; 1503 reactions; 1396 compounds; 993 enzymes; 543 microorganism entries; 249 biotransformation rules; 50 organic functional groups; 76 reactions of naphthalene 1,2-dioxygenase; 109 reactions of toluene dioxygenase; Graphical EAWAG-BBD Overview; and Other Graphics (Metapathway and Pathway Maps and Reaction Mechanisms).

  • Derivative work: xenobiotic pathways in KEGG.
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    Gao J, Ellis LBM, Wackett LP (2010) "The University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database: improving public access" Nucleic Acids Research 38: D488-D491. Abstract | Full Text

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