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Search for compounds by full or partial name or synonym (e.g. toluene or methyl benzene), CAS registry number (e.g.108-88-3), or formula (e.g. C7H8, H8C7, or even C6H5CH3). Search for enzymes by full or partial name or alternative name (e.g. urease or lactonase) or full or partial EC number (e.g. or 3.5.1). Search for btrules by full or partial name of starting or ending organic functional group (e.g. aldehyde or carboxylate). Search for microorganisms by full or partial name (e.g. Pseudomonas putida or Pseudomonas). Search for reactions by full or partial primary name of the starting or ending product(s) (e.g. atrazine or CoA). Search for pathways by full or partial name (e.g. dimethyl ether or dimethyl).

Select a search type and enter what you want to search for. A compound search will retrieve all matching compounds and the reactions in which they are produced or consumed. An enzyme search will retrieve enzyme pages and each enzyme page will list the reactions catalyzed by that enzyme. A btrules search will retrieve btrule pages and each btrule page will list the reactions that exemplify that rule. A microorganism search will retrieve all matching microorganisms and the pathways they initiate. A reaction search will retrieve all matching reactions. A pathway search will retrieve pathway pages and each pathway page will list the reactions, compounds and enzymes in that pathway.

You can use the Boolean operators AND, OR or NOT in compound, enzyme, microorganism, reaction and pathway name searches. Parenthetical Boolean expressions are not allowed, but can be implied. For example, aldehyde OR ketone AND methyl is interpreted as (aldehyde OR ketone) AND methyl. Searches are case-insensitive.

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