Americium is an α- and γ- emitting element that was first discovered as a product of neutron capture reactions using plutonium isotopes in a nuclear reactor. No biological role for americium is known. Citrobacter sp. cells expressing surface phosphatase activity could precipitate americium in phosphate complexes (Macaskie et al, 1994). Factors influencing americium biosorption and bioaccumulation by bacteria (Wurtz et al, 1986; Francis et al, 1998) and fungi (Liu et al, 2002) have been investigated.

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Francis AJ, Fillow JB, Dodge CJ, Dunn M, Mantione K, Strietelmeier BA, Pansoy-Hjelvik ME, Papenguth HW. Role of bacteria as biocolloids in the transport of actinides from a deep underground radioactive waste repository. Radiochim Acta 1998;82:347-354.


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