Arsenic occurs in natural waters as arsenate and arsenite anions and is generally considered to be toxic to biological systems (ToxFAQs: Arsenic). Sources of arsenic in the environment include volcanic activity, coal burning, metal smelting, and acid mine drainage. Organoarsenic compounds are also added to chicken feed as antibiotics.

Arsenate uptake typically occurs through phosphate transport systems, whereas arsenite is often acquired via aquaglyceroporins (reviewed by Rosen, 2002). No essential biological function for arsenic has been identified, but marine algae and invertebrates can incorporate arsenic into complex organic molecules such as arsenosugars and arsenobetaines (Kohlmeyer et al, 2002) and fungi and bacteria can produce volatile methylated arsenic compounds (reviewed by Bentley and Chasteen, 2002). Both microbial arsenate reduction and arsenite oxidation are well documented as detoxification mechanisms (reviewed by Mukhopadhyay et al, 2002). Additionally, some prokaryotes can use arsenate as a terminal electron acceptor during anaerobic growth and others can utilize arsenite as an electron donor to generate energy (reviewed by Oremland and Stoltz, 2003). In a Shewanella sp., respiratory arsenate reduction and detoxifying arsenate reduction were found to be mediated by separate systems (Saltikov and Newman, 2003).

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