EAWAG-PPS Usage Tips

1 Show UM-BBD compound page.
2Show a compound and its KEGG metabolism.
3 Continue prediction using this branch.
4 Next choice is aerobically unlikely.
5 Prune unused branches and display.
6Show a rule page.
7Show a super rule that covers multiple simple rules.
8 Aerobically very likely transformation.
9 Aerobically likely transformation.
10 Aerobically neutral transformation.
11 Aerobically unlikely transformation.
12 Aerobically very unlikely transformation.
13CoA is not shown when present.
14Readily degraded compounds should not be predicted.
15Inorganic compounds should not be predicted.
16High molecular weight compounds should not be predicted.
17Mixtures should not be predicted.
18Highly fluorinated compounds should not be predicted.
19Does not predict the rate of transformations.
20Does not predict phytochemical transformations.
21Does not predict detoxification reactions.
22Does not predict dimerizations.
23Does not predict methylation of hydroxyl groups.
24Does not predict acetylation of primary amines.
25Does not predict formation of intramolecular rings.

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