The UM-BBD Predictive Biodegradation Workshop 2

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On May 6-7, 2005, at the University of Minnesota, we convened a panel to discuss priorization of computerized prediction of biodegradative metabolism. This scientific panel was composed of participants from the United States and Europe and representing academia, industry and government regulatory agencies.

Chemical companies, government regulators, and academic scientists all need to predict the metabolic fate of new chemicals in the environment. The biodegradation knowledge needed includes the pathways of biodegradation, the likelihood of given pathways, and influences of environmental conditions. It is the goal of the second Biodegradation Prediction Workshop to follow up on the first Predict-BT workshop to:

  • Elicit knowledge from panel members to priorize existing prediction rules.
  • Elaborate on pathway prioritization to predict the fate of chemicals in the environment.
  • Decide on potential ways to validate such computer predictions.
  • Encouraged further collaboration among the participants on this project.

We appreciate the efforts of the panel members who took the time to work on this project. With over ten million organic compounds known and solid biodegradation information available for perhaps 0.05% of them, our collective ignorance is great. It is in this context that we at Minnesota think that this concerted effort will really make an impact. We hope that we all learn from each other as we work to collectively attain goals that would be beyond any one person.

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