Rule bt0361

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Pattern 4141
aliphatic Phosphoester -> Alcohol
aliphatic Phosphodiester -> Alcohol + aliphatic Phosphoester
aliphatic Phosphotriester -> Alcohol + aliphatic Phosphodiester
aliphatic Thiophosphoester -> Alcohol + aliphatic Thiophospate

Aerobic Likelihood:              Neutral

EAWAG-BBD Reaction(s):
1,5-Anhydro-D-glucitol -----> 1,5-Anhydro-D-glucitol-6-phosphate (reacID# r1784)
S-(Diethylsuccinyl)-O-methylphosphorothioate -----> Methanol + S-(Diethylsuccinyl)-phosphorothioate (reacID# r1716)
Diethylthiophosphoric acid -----> Ethanol + Ethylthiophosphate (reacID# r1668)
O,S-Dimethyl hydrogen phosphorothioate -----> Methanol + S-Methyl dihydrogen phosphorothioate (reacID# r1711)
Dimethylphosphate -----> Methanol + Methylphosphate (reacID# r1691)
Dimethylthiophosphate -----> Methanol + Methylthiophosphate (reacID# r1684)
Ethylphosphate -----> Ethanol + Phosphate (reacID# r1662)
Malaoxon -----> Methanol + S-(Diethylsuccinyl)-O-methylphosphorothioate (reacID# r1715)
Malathion -----> Methanol + Desmethyl malathion (reacID# r1687)
Methylphosphate -----> Methanol + Phosphate (reacID# r1692)
Methylphosphate -----> Methanol + Phosphate (reacID# r1714)
Methylthiophosphate -----> Methanol + Thiophosphate (reacID# r1685)

Hydrolysis of phosphate esters. Depending on compound and environment, some of these may be spontaneous. Others are catalyzed by microbial phosphatases, such as alkaline phosphatase (EC, acid phosphatase (EC, and organophosphate hydrolase (EC This rule also handles thiophosphoester derivatives.

bt0102: Aromatic thiophosphate --> Hydroxyaromatic derivative + Thiophosphate derivative
bt0104: Arylphosphoester --> Phenol derivative

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