Rule bt0104

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Pattern 2854        All patterns
Arylphosphoester -> Phenol derivative
Arylphosphodiester -> Phenol derivative + Phosphoester
Arylphosphotriester -> Phenol derivative + Phosphodiester

Aerobic Likelihood:              Likely

EAWAG-BBD Reaction(s):
Paraoxon -----> p-Nitrophenol + Diethylphosphoric acid (reacID# r0067)

This rule is also triggered by vinylphosphoesters. The enol product of vinyl phosphate substrates rapidly tautomerizes to the more stable keto form. This rule handles the enol-keto tautomerization.

bt0102: Aromatic thiophosphate --> Hydroxyaromatic derivative + Thiophosphate derivative
bt0361: aliphatic Phosphoester --> Alcohol

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