Rule bt0318

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Pattern 3664        All patterns
Carbamyl -> Amine + Carbonate
Carbamate -> Amine

Aerobic Likelihood:              Likely

EAWAG-BBD Reaction(s):
Asulam -----> Sulfanilamide (reacID# r1457)
N-Butylcarbamate -----> n-Butylamine (reacID# r1777)
Carbendazim -----> 2-Aminobenzimidazole + Monomethyl carbonate (reacID# r1773)

This rule is based on De Schrijver and De Mot, 1999 and Balba et al., 1979.

bt0024: Ester --> Alcohol + Carboxylate
bt0027: primary Amide --> Carboxylate
bt0067: secondary Amide --> Carboxylate + primary Amine
bt0068: N-substituted Urea derivative --> Carbamate + primary Amine
bt0430: tertiary Amide --> Carboxylate + secondary Amine

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