Rule bt0067

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Pattern 4013
secondary Amide -> Carboxylate + primary Amine
Lactam -> Aminecarboxylate

Aerobic Likelihood:              Neutral

EAWAG-BBD Reaction(s):
p-Acetamidophenol -----> p-Aminophenol + Acetate (reacID# r1629)
N-Acetylanthranilate -----> 2-Aminobenzoate (reacID# r1474)
6-Aminohexanoate Cyclic Dimer -----> 6-Aminohexanoate Linear Dimer (reacID# r1097)
6-Aminohexanoate Hexamer -----> 6-Aminohexanoate + 6-Aminohexanoate Pentamer (reacID# r1086)
6-Aminohexanoate Linear Dimer -----> 6-Aminohexanoate (reacID# r1096)
6-Aminohexanoate Pentamer -----> 6-Aminohexanoate + 6-Aminohexanoate Tetramer (reacID# r1093)
6-Aminohexanoate Tetramer -----> 6-Aminohexanoate + 6-Aminohexanoate Trimer (reacID# r1094)
6-Aminohexanoate Trimer -----> 6-Aminohexanoate + 6-Aminohexanoate Linear Dimer (reacID# r1095)
epsilon-Caprolactam -----> 6-Aminohexanoate (reacID# r0448)
2-Chloro-2',6'-diethylacetanilide -----> Chloroacetate + 2,6-Diethylaniline (reacID# r1699)
N-Cyclohexylformamide -----> Formate + Cyclohexylamine (reacID# r1030)
N-(2,6-Diethylphenyl)-2-hydroxyacetamide -----> Glycolate + 2,6-Diethylaniline (reacID# r1695)
Formylaminopyrimidine -----> Aminopyrimidine (reacID# r1454)
Isoniazid -----> Isonicotinate (reacID# r1336)
5-Oxo-4,5-dihydropyrrole-2-carboxylate -----> 2-Oxoglutarate (reacID# r0984)

There are separate rules for amide and urea hydrolysis. However, microbial amidases have been shown to also hydrolyze environmental urea compounds (Lechner et al., 1982).

bt0027: primary Amide --> Carboxylate
bt0068: N-substituted Urea derivative --> Carbamate + primary Amine
bt0243: N-substituted Amide --> Amide + Aldehyde or Ketone
bt0318: Carbamyl --> Amine + Carbonate
bt0421: Formamide --> Amine + Formate
bt0430: tertiary Amide --> Carboxylate + secondary Amine

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