Biodegradation Predictive Worksheet Reasoning: Hydroxypivaldehyde

1. What was the first thing you focused on to guide your development of a pathway(s)?
E1 -
E2 Conversion of alcohol and aldehyde to carboxylic acids is an obvious step.
E3 Answer to 1 of the check list: yes
Answer to 2 of the check list: yes
E4 Tertiary substituted central carbon --- key characteristic limiting biodegradation. All substituents are eventually equivalent, just vary in red-ox state.

2. How did you proceed after your initial focus point?
E1 -
E2 the quaternary carbon will be very stable. Further degradation is unlikely.
E3 answers to question 8 and 8a of the check list: yes
E4 -- Mineralization is dependent on sequential oxidation of alpha-carbon leading to decarboxylation.
-- Order is unclear (Is complete oxidation of single carbon first, or are all carbons likely to be partly /completely oxidized before decarboxylation?)