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Aerobic Likelihood:

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Pattern 3296
Pattern 3311
Pattern 3799
Pattern 4159
4-Aminophenol derivative -> 1,4-Dihydroxybenzenoid
4-Nitroaniline derivative -> 4-Nitrophenol derivative
2-Aminophenol derivative -> vic-Dihydroxybenzenoid
3-Aminophenol derivative -> 1,3-Dihydroxybenzenoid
o-Benzoquinone derivative -> vic-Dihydroxybenzenoid

This rule handles the aminophenol pathway. It includes initial oxidation followed by rapid hydrolysis of an o-, m- or p-aminophenol derivative to form an o-, m- or p-benzoquinone, respectively (bt0105). The p-benzoquinone intermediate is quickly reduced to a 1,4-dihydroxybenzenoid (bt0107), while the o-benzoquinone intermediate is similarly reduced to a vic-dihydroxybenzenoid. This rule handles the known benzoquinone intermediates in this pathway, based on Zhao et al., 2000 and Kutty et al., 2000. This rule also handles the 5-nitroanthranilate amidohydrolase reaction, which might include a transient benzoquinone intermediate, based on Qu and Spain (2010).

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