Rule bt0373

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Pattern 3577
1,3-Diketone -> Ketone + Carboxylate

Aerobic Likelihood:              Neutral

EAWAG-BBD Reaction(s):
Cyclohepta-1,3,5-trione -----> 4,6-Dioxoheptanoate (reacID# r1742)
Dihydrophloroglucinol -----> 3-Hydroxy-5-oxohexanoate (reacID# r0008)
4,6-Dioxoheptanoate -----> Acetone + Succinate (reacID# r1744)
4-Isopropenyl-2-ketocyclohexane-1-carboxyl-CoA -----> 3-Isopropenylpimelyl-CoA (reacID# r1004)
2-Ketocyclohexane-1-carboxyl-CoA -----> Pimeloyl-CoA (reacID# r0193)
Mentha-1,3-dione -----> 3,7-Dimethyl-5-oxo-octyl-CoA (reacID# r1186)
6-Oxo-2-hydroxycyclohexane-1-carboxyl-CoA -----> 3-Hydroxypimelyl-CoA (reacID# r0206)

Based on Grogan (2005), Straganz et al. (2002) and EC

bt0358: Maleylacetoacetate --> Fumarate + Acetoacetate
bt0392: 3-Formylpyruvate derivative --> Pyruvate + Carboxylate

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March 12, 2010

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