Rule bt0362

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Pattern 3080        All patterns
2- or 3-Hydroxypyridine -> 2,5-Dihydroxypyridine
2- or 3-Carboxypyridine -> 2,5-Dihydroxypyridine

Aerobic Likelihood:              Neutral

EAWAG-BBD Reaction(s):
6-Hydroxy-3-succinoylpyridine -----> Succinic semialdehyde + 2,5-Dihydroxypyridine (reacID# r1442)

This rule handles the upper substituted pyridine pathway for 2- or 3-hydroxypyridine, 2-carboxypyridine (2-picolinate), 3-carboxypyridine (nicotinate) and intermediates of nicotine degradation (Gherna et al., 1965). These compounds, and possibly others, have been found to degrade to the common metabolite, 2,5-dihydroxypyridine (Kaiser et al., 1996). 2- or 3-Hydroxypyridine and 3-carboxypyridine undergo an initial para hydroxylation to form 2,5-dihydroxypyridine and 2-hydroxy-5-carboxypyridine respectively. The latter product is subject to oxidative decarboxylation to form the 2,5-dihydroxy product. This rule also handles intermediates in this pathway.

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