Rule bt0359

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Pattern 3668
4-Halophenol derivative -> Hydroquinone derivative
4-Halobenzoate derivative -> 4-Hydroxybenzoate derivative

Aerobic Likelihood:              Neutral

EAWAG-BBD Reaction(s):
4-Chlorobenzoyl-CoA -----> 4-Hydroxybenzoyl-CoA (reacID# r0140)
4-Fluorobenzoyl-CoA -----> 4-Hydroxybenzoyl-CoA (reacID# r1211)
Pentachlorophenol -----> 2,3,5,6-Tetrachlorohydroquinone (TeCH) (reacID# r0313)
2,4,5-Trichlorophenol -----> 2,5-Dichlorohydroquinone (reacID# r0360)
2,4,6-Trichlorophenol (2,4,6-TCP) -----> 2,6-Dichlorohydroquinone (DiCH) (reacID# r0317)

This rule handles hydrolytic dehalogenation of 4-halogenated benzoates and oxidative dehalogenation of 4-halogenated phenols. Halobenzoate derivatives add CoA to form the thioester before dehalogenation but this step is bypassed for simplification.

bt0022: Halomethyl derivative --> 1-Methylalcohol derivative
bt0108: 1-Nitro-4-hydroxybenzenoid --> 1,4-Dihydroxybenzenoid

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March 13, 2009

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