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Aerobic Likelihood:

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Pattern 3542
Pattern 3543
Pattern 3544
Pattern 3545
Pattern 3901
Pattern 4117
Fatty acid (n) -> Fatty acid (n-2)
Fatty acid (n) w C2-C3 double bond -> Fatty acid (n-2)
Fatty acid (n) w C3 -OH -> Fatty acid (n-2)
Fatty acid (n) w C3 -keto -> Fatty acid (n-2)

This rule handles beta oxidation, and includes addition of CoA to the fatty acid derivate, formation of a double bond between C2 and C3 (bt0341), hydration of this double bond to add -OH on C3 (bt0335), oxidation of this -OH to a keto group (bt0336), thiolytic cleavage of the acetate group (bt0161 and bt0338), and release of the CoA moiety. The rule handles microbial variant beta oxidation with methyl on C2, and beta oxidation intermediates, such as appropriate compounds with a double bond at C2-C3, -OH on C3, or keto on C3. The rule also handles the variant beta-oxidation of a compound with a cis-C2-C3 double bond seen in the alpha-pinene pathway (Griffith et al., 1987) and the cyclic variant seen in the limonene pathway (van der Werf et al., 1999), but not other intermediates in these two variants. The rule will NOT handle compounds containing oxygen on C4.

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