Rule bt0051 Patterns

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Aerobic Likelihood:

 Very likely   Likely   Neutral   Unlikely   Very unlikely   Unknown  

Pattern 3093
Pattern 3151
Pattern 3501
Pattern 3573
2- or 3- substituted Carboxylate -> RH + CO2

Will decarboxylate most 2-amino, 2-aryl, 2-tertiary carbon, 2-N-heterocyclic aromatic, 3-keto, 3-ene-5-keto, 3-hydroxy, and 3-aryl carboxylates. Handles most appropriate microbial IUBMB EC4.1.1.- decarboxylations, including alterative substrates. Will not act on substrates for beta-oxidation (bt0337), alpha-hydroxy acids.

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