From TNP Hydride Meisenheimer complex to TNP Dihydride Meisenheimer complex (aci form)

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Medline reference
Heiss G, Hofmann KW, Trachtmann N, Walters DM, Rouviere P, Knackmuss HJ. Microbiology (2002) 148(Pt 3): 799-806.

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5 citations on March 09, 2012.
         TNP Hydride Meisenheimer complex         
                         |  H-
     hydride transferase | /
                       1 |/
                1.3.99.- | Search GenBank, 7 hits on Apr. 03, 2012
                  ExPASy |
  TNP Dihydride Meisenheimer complex (aci form)   
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EAWAG-BBD Biotransformation rules in accord with this reaction:
2,4-Dinitrophenol hydride complex derivative -----> 2,4-Dinitrocyclohexanone derivative (bt0311)

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